Various Goodnight Musics Presents

At the centre of the five-man Goods Collective is the Goods, with rhymes from Kunga 219 and production and cuts from Gordski. Their fifth release is a sampler of what is to come on their label. There are five songs from the Goods' upcoming Four/4, which can't leave many surprises for the album. Adding Tachichi to the mix of Kunga and Gordski results in Roosevelt Tharpa, and Goodnight's resident crooner/beat-boxer Kaleb Simmonds serves up some smooth hooks on two of the three Roosevelt Tharpa tracks, while Halifax, NS's 2002 DMC champ Skratch Bastid lays some precise cuts on all three, as well as on the Goods' "Foulness." It's when the five pull together on Roosevelt Tharpa's "Everything's Lovely" (officially a Tachichi track) and "Sooperboozers" that the most excitement is created, especially when Fraser (aka Gordski) raps a mutation of classic hip-hop lines for his ode to booze. Mostly, the sampler should build anticipation for Roosevelt Tharpa's Elaborate Neurotics debut. However, Graematter's medley of "DJ-friendly instrumentals" was unnecessary and "Mediocre Man," probably the closest the Goods have to a classic hit, is almost annoyingly omnipresent on any number of releases. Nonetheless, it is a song that should be heard. Also, more Goods songs like "Monkey Motion Shuffle" would be nice in the future. Goodnight Musics Presents is a great starting point for those who are curious about the label, and will please current fans. (Good Night)