Various The Good Jacket Presents Vancouver Special

If you exploded a bomb at an imaginary release party of Vancouver Special, the bulk of Vancouver's music scene would disappear - such is the extent and diversity of the gathered talent. Nardwuar's Thee Goblins start on a good foot with their too-short "Good Jacket Theme," but it's the New Pornographers, with guest vocalist Neko Case, who really up the ante - "Letter From An Occupant" is a masterpiece of pop perfection that not only proves Carl Newman hasn't lost his delicate touch after the end of Zumpano, but that Neko could sing the phone book backwards and make it soar. There are plenty more worthy entries of the 22 that follow, including the indie pop of Pepper Sands, the spaghetti Western instrumental of the Secret Three, the gritty folk of Jerk With A Bomb, the cabaret camp of Canned Hamm, and the fucked-up splice of the All Star Schnauzer Band. The comp. is lousy with Destroyer's Dan Bejar, who plays on three tracks, but ironically had nothing to do with the Loscil vs. Destroyer track, which remixes his "Merci." Spawned by a series of shows at the Good Jacket vintage clothing store, proceeds from this excellent comp. go to the Loving Spoonful, a charity to provide meals to AIDS and HIV positive patients. (Mint)