Various Artists God Help the Girl OST

Various Artists God Help the Girl OST
Back when Stuart Murdoch released his first album as God Help the Girl back in 2009, few expected that his imaginary film would ever see the light of day, yet here we are half a decade later, holding its soundtrack in our hot little hands (or hard drives).

Most of the selections off the 2009 version are included here, augmented by additional tracks as well as dialogue pulled from the film itself. Murdoch's original cast of female singers are replaced by the film's stars Emily Browning, Olly Alexander and Game of Thrones' Hannah Murray, backed by members of Belle and Sebastian. Each does a capable job of aping the sweeping '60s girl-group pop Murdoch's tunes channel, even if none of the trio manage to get out from under the shadow of the music's influences.

Murdoch seems more interested in telling a story, and manages to do so while still maintaining the high level of pop craftsmanship set by his heroes. If there's a complaint to be made, it's the sameness that befalls lesser tracks once divorced from the film's visuals; too many songs follow too-similar chord progressions and structures.

Still, God Help the Girl is stronger and more memorable than Murdoch's first foray into soundtrack work on 2002's Storytelling and is the perfect accompaniment to his charming film. (Milan)