Various Giant Killer Shark: The Musical

Apparently, when John Williams scored that other giant killer shark-inspired tale all those years ago (something that rhymes with "maws,” I think), he got it wrong. Screw the orchestra, forget the "dun dun,” because he missed the Orca on that one. No, what he should have done was gone emo (even though it wasn’t invented yet) because it’s an awesome match. The accompanying soundtrack to the musical premiering at this year’s Fringe Fest stands impressively on its own without the usually necessary visual accompaniment, mainly because, yes, while much of the subject matter is interpreted in a humorous way, the skill and songwriting employed are far from laughable. Well, it’s funny, but not like that. With many of the vocal lines employing a decidedly emo-inflection, the music contained within spans all genres, from the atmospheric, subdued "Totally Sexy Nude Swimming Party,” to the metallic break-down-oriented "Shark Attack” to the happy group sing-along of "Living on a Copy-right Protected Island” to the surf-fuelled — complete with "Wipe Out” intro — "Big Sexy American Beach Party.” It’s hard not to use the word "genius” when discussing the soundtrack (yes, even with the rapping fisherman) but the song scoring that classic scene on the Orca, "Bondin’ and Boozin’,” is brilliant and its outro of "Show me the way to go home, I’m tired and I want to go to bed” carries greater emotional heft than anything many emo punks will ever accomplish using their whole ass. While it may not be safe to go back into the water, listening to the soundtrack is a sure way to overcome your fear of musicals. ( (Independent)