Various Future Sounds of Jazz Vol. 6

Primo Compost collectors and selectors Michael Reinboth and Rainer Trüby step up with a fine addition to this constantly evolving series. This time, experimentation is the name of the game, with “future jazz” concepts heavily constructed around percussion, playfulness and passion. NYC's Victor Simonelli, a heavy hitter in garage house circles, contributes the surprising "Bateria — Latin Impressions," a tightly controlled batucada stormer, filled with near-naked beats and clever crescendos. Producer and label-honcho Phil Asher (People, DIY, Estereo), aka Restless Soul, offers the equally Latin-flavoured "Son of Ra Ra," a quirky charmer complete with off-tempos, jazzy bass bits and loads of high hats. Moody, emotionally-charged explorations of sound are also prevalent on Volume 6, with a number of respected underground producers turning in some of the compilation's most unique and truly beautiful moments. Modaji's "Underwater Pressure" is an instant classic, a slice of spacy, swaying electronic jazz that makes it clear why he counts Derrick May, Carl Craig and Gilles Peterson amongst his fans. Zurich-based sound amalgamationists Earth Bound are also ones to watch, with their sweetly sentimental "I See The Sun" shining as an example of the way forward for jazzy house and drum & bass. Similarly, producer/musicians Christian Zimmerman ("Diary of a Lost Girl") and Raoul Walton, aka Wai-Chi, ("Don't Know") show no fear, mixing live instruments, unique samples, fresh beats and strong senses of movement and composition. With tracks such as these, the Future Sounds of Jazz series absolutely does look forward, with a vision blurred here only by weak tracks from scene stalwarts such as U.F.O. and Fauna Flash, whose "At the Movies" is a produce-by-numbers disappointment. (Compost)