Various The Future Sounds of Jazz Vol. 10

Note to Compost: it would be greatly appreciated if you could start enclosing bibs with your releases because I drool all over myself listening to the gloriously imaginative takes on jazz and nü-jazz. The perky Moonstarr remix of Povo’s "Uam Uam” with the jovial horn snippet and the light walking bass is absolutely jaunty. Get me a drink with an umbrella in it! "Playboy” by Hot Chip is reminiscent of a gentler I-Wolf and Burdy tune with its ironic take on the pumped-up-volume hip hop scenario. The real gem here (that is, apart from the Sebastien Tellier classic "La Ritournell” that is devastatingly beautiful every time) is the previously unreleased Ben Mono’s remix of Gabriel’s Ananda "Suzzholz.” It just plods along being so cool with its one-two beat and taught bass all understated like Boston Cream filling. (Compost)