Various Future Lounge 03

DJ Deluca's hit the nail on the head by dubbing this record "lounge music." As brainchild of Stereo Deluxe, Deluca has selected some very chilled-out beats and relaxed vocals to create the third instalment of the Future Lounge series. This record does in fact live up to its name, providing many stress-free tracks from the likes of Jaffa, Astrud Gilberto and an impressive debut cut from Soul 'n' Soda. But not all is well - songs such as "Let's Do This," by Jazz Transit, ease their way into the mix with throbbing club beats, which might awaken the listener from their jazz-induced nod-off. But in the end, the majority of Future Lounge 03 succeeds in providing the laid-back cuts you're looking for. (Stereo Deluxe)