Various Funk Carioca

If 2 Live Crew came from Brazil instead of Florida, they’d be prime candidates for Funk Carioca. Treating ’80s electro and Miami Bass just like the Jamaicans did ’60s R&B, a completely new — yet cleverly indebted — sound has emerged from Rio de Janeiro's hillside favelas that belies their shanty-town poverty by bringing a sense of sonic escape to an inherently oppressive situation. Assembled by Slam Dunk, a radio-programming collective of Brit-based Brazilian expats, to bring attention to DJ Marlboro’s burgeoning baile funk scene back home, this compilation comes on the heels of the critically-lauded Favela Booty Bass and should help the now sound of Rio further establish itself internationally. Dirty-minded Portuguese-language raps writhe over equally coarse analogue beats and stolen samples to form a perfect street party score, one which exhilaratingly revels in hyper-sexed bass-isms and the unbridled joy that comes from being alive, at night, grinding. (Mr. Bongo)