Various Focus Jazz: More Modern Jazz from the Wewerka Archive 1966 - 69

This is another great find from the Jazzanova crew — selections from the massive (20,000 tracks!) archive of Munich-based jazz producer Hans Wewerka. The "focus” of this follow-up to the first Wewerka collection a few years ago has a distinct Eastern European feel. It seems as though every song is in a strange time signature — a title like "Blues 10” speaks for itself. Balkan influences make for a kind of funky third stream jazz throughout this record, hinting at the kind of jazz that was flourishing behind the Iron Curtain at the time. This collection is also an ideal companion to the Ready Or Not collections of Canadian progressive jazz; they both document a worldwide movement in jazz that wasn’t resolutely freedom oriented, but showed post-bop and soul jazz being patriated to cultures around the world. Dusko Goykovich’s two contributions marry Macedonian melodies to an unusual and catchy Latin/Balkan grooves. Heinz Sauer’s "Plakate” throws fiery solos into an introspective free rhythm with a cavernous bass presence. Speaking of bass, either the producer or the mastering engineer has a thing for the low end, because the downbeat just throbs in most tunes. This should further compel the jazz/dance massive that Jazzanova have aggregated over the years to pick this up. (Sonar Kollektiv)