Various A Fistful of Rock and Roll Volume 10

This series seems to have jumped labels as it used to be on Teepee Records. What makes things even more confusing is that I also thought the series was all finished up. In any case, here are 25 more of the most-ass kicking bands in the world as selected by Electric Frankenstein's Sal Canzonieri. This ones kicks off as usual with a more well-known band right up front and this time it's California horror pop-punks the Groovie Ghoulies with "Tunnel Of Love.” You also get some full-on stoner rock here with 500 ft. Of Pipe's Fu Manchu-esque "So Good" and the Sideburner's bludgeoning "Gotta Motor.” Other highlights on this punk rock party mix include contributions by Buffalo's Irving Klaws, Boston's the Real Kids and the Midnight Evils. (Devil Doll)