Various Fire On The Brain Volume 1

This is a great low-price compilation from underdogs Olympic Records. This label, from Chicago, should have at least some of your money by now, as they released the last two albums from the jaw-dropping Gorguts, both of which are represented here. Also onboard for this lengthy compilation is the great technical death metal of Oppressor, Internal Bleeding, Angelcorpse and Monstrosity. Murder maniacs Macabre make an appearance, and also of note is Blackkheim's Diabolical Masquerade project. Snoozers? Of course: Divine Empire, Fleshgrind, Diabolic and Jungle Rot all annoy with their stubborn early '90s death metal sound, but for the price tag on this one you can't go wrong. Although all the tracks are previously released, so don't get too excited if you've heard the full-lengths already. (Olympic)