Various Fear of a Digital Planet

Independent Canadian electronica label Vinyl Republik spreads this compilation over a variety of down-tempo styles with beats ranging from house to glitch and moods covering the spectrum between bleak and uplifting. Collectively they are incongruent, but there is exciting work sandwiched between disappointing forays into the experimental. Original Recipe’s trip-hop exudes influence in harmony and style from Deadringer but with addictively fresh and imaginatively produced breaks. Conversely "Salut La Neige” is overtly pretentious with diffused vocals humming unimaginative lyrics over an 808 jungle beat like a karaoke edit of "Music in My Mind.” There are other progressive and successful creations from Exes and Ohs, [email protected] and Vitaminsforyou. Lampshade’s "Sabaturu” is also remarkably absorbent plodding along like a mischievous gnome. Some other artists glimmer a little but there are enough disappointments to reduce this to an EP. (Hopeless/Subcity)