Various Fabriclive 44: Commix

Cambridge duo Commix take the reins for the latest Fabriclive mix, hoping to enlighten people about the origins of drum & bass. George Levings and Guy Brewer have taken Fabriclive 44 and made an album that flows effortlessly through a minimalist style, avoiding unnecessary frills but opting for experimentation. Commenting on the depressing nature of the drum & bass scene at the moment, Commix have taken artists from past and present, including Logistics, Photek and Instra:mental, and compiled a mix any electro enthusiast, drum & bass lover or not, can appreciate. Delicate keys drift through the album, subtly entwining with haunting vocals, entirely overseen by entrancing bass. Fabriclive 44 gets to the heart of the mater with hard-hitting tracks from the likes of Spectrasoul and Ben E, Calibre and Commix themselves. The down-tempo nature of closer "Photograph" by Instra:mental is a nice way to round out the mix and give kudos to the wide range drum & bass can encompass, proven nicely by Commix. (Fabric)