Various Artists

ERA TWO (Mixed by Noah Pred)

Various ArtistsERA TWO (Mixed by Noah Pred)
Helmed by label boss Noah Pred, the ERA series has established itself as a showcase of both Thoughtless Music's increasingly deep catalogue and Pred's skills as a curator and DJ. ERA ONE was originally released in 2011 and covered the label's first 50 releases, while the second instalment pulls from the last three years and marks the now Berlin-based label's 100th release.

Built on a surprisingly cohesive foundation (despite the wide range of artists involved), Pred manages to weave together an engaging narrative, subtly moving between hypnotic tech-house numbers, slow-building acid drenched melodies, low-slung grooves and more muscular dance floor moments. Deftly navigating the space between house and techno, Pred shifts the dynamics and mood throughout the mix, never getting too caught up in a groove or melody. In the hands of a less skilled DJ, these ERA mixes could come across as busy, with too many ideas trying to fight for your attention, but Pred manages to keep everything acutely focused and in the moment. Stitching together the themes behind Thoughtless' last 49 releases, ERA not only documents the past three years, but is a celebration of the label's unwavering vision and commitment to quality. (Thoughtless)
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