Various END050

Marking the 50th single release from the label arm of venerable London tech-house club The End, END050 picks their 20 best tracks from 1995 to 2002. It’s a pretty substantial collection, with notable entries from End regulars Layo & Bushwacka! who offer up "Deep South,” "Low Life” and "Love Story.” In fact, Layo is the label’s founder and A&R man, as well as selecting who made the compilation cut alongside Mr. C (both of whom, of course, also run the nightclub). They also chose work from DJ Sneak, Derrick Carter (as Tone Theory), and their own outfit Killer Loop. The results coalesce into a solid set, though at times they sound a little too tasteful (and Mr. C’s "Ascension” is ass). Nonetheless, it’s a quality mix that makes one hope not all club-related boutique labels shrivel up and die like Ministry of Sound. (End)