Various Electronic Daisy Carnival Mixed By DJ Doran

This mix CD is the first instalment of the Electronic Daisy Carnival series. Now, if you haven't heard of EDC, it's a huge rave that attracted 25,000 people in June, 2000, and is the party that kicks off the summer in L.A. What is disappointing is that this mix CD does not live up to the company's reputation. The track selection varies little and stays with in the minimal/hard epic trance category. From the sounds of it, DJ Doran does not understand the importance of programming and the story that should be told with trance. On top of that, the mixes are unimaginative and poor. The only track that saves this CD is the now classic "Touch Me (Thrillseekers remix)," by Taskforce. After that the disc gets better. I was pleased to hear that DJ Doran is a great producer/writer of trance, with his track, "Redivider," done with Joshua Ryan. The track was good, with a nice synth melody and perfect timing of breakdowns. Lastly, closing the CD off with Cygnus X's "SuperString" was a great addition to the mix. Next time, though, DJ Doran should carefully construct a mix instead of throwing some tracks together with simple mixes. (1500 Records)