Various Electric Company: Greatest Hits

A compilation of abstract electronic tunes featuring original cuts and remixes by Kid 606, µ-Ziq, Kim Cascone and Frank Bretschneider. For fans of glitchy laptop music riddled with clicks, pops and introverted manipulations, this comp is for you. With the possible exception of Jasper's "Elco 2," you can't dance to this music; rather you listen to it on headphones or on your stereo from your armchair. I've always been blown away at how µ-Ziq, in tunes like "Octelcogopod," makes the most musical composition from the most abstract noises; truly this man is a master sonic sculptor. Tom Recchion's "Kelvinator" offers a nice ambient respite from all the bleeps, blurps and digital glitches, serving up a dizzying cavernous drone with ghostly noises that vaporise into a sonic vacuum. Frank Bretschneider epitomises the minimalist glitch sound with a continuous bass pulse and his trademark electro subtleties, throbbing for a full seven minutes. For the quintessential electronic music geek, you can't go wrong with Electric Company. (Tigerbeat6)