Various Echo Location (Vol. 1)/Changing Locations (Vol. 2)

These two audio documentary CDs are affiliated with Co-op Radio 102.7 FM based out of Vancouver, BC. The pieces are presented as sound art, consisting of field recordings and interview narrative fragments that tell stories about groups or individuals belonging to the mosaic of peoples living in the Vancouver, BC area. Some pieces like "Galiano Secrets” are quaint nature expedition field recordings whereas other pieces like "Tizita: Conversations With my Mother’s Sisters” tell the story of a refugee from Ethiopia now living in Canada. The most fascinating piece however is "Co-op Radio: Changing Times” compiled and arranged by Sylvi MacCormac. This piece offers not only a panoramic glimpse of some of the programming on 102.7 FM, but a history of the station in the community from its inception in 1975 to the present. "Co-op Radio...” has savoury bits of music, interview dialogue, confessionals as well as a glance at the initial mandate by the CRTC for 102.7: to offer informative controversial non-mainstream programming. (Quite a different CRTC standard from the present!) The station is one small media valve for the diverse social, political and ethnic groups as well as a place for those who cater to elaborate music tastes. The common thread throughout all these groups is the lack of commercial backing, hence the importance of sharing this valuable resource. The sound art content on these two CDs show yet another way 102.7 FM serves the community outside of mere broadcasting. Echo Location/Changing Locations is informative, educational and serves as a document of the people of Vancouver, BC at a point in time. (Independent)