Various Dub After Time: A Look Back At BSI Records

It just isn’t fair. Never has dub been so popular and influential, yet labels that specialise in its roots and branches have a consistently hard time attracting enough people to sustain their operations. With Dub After Time, BSI Records out of Washington State marks their final release of their five-year history. This label was one of the most forward thinking dub labels in the world — they’ve released music ranging from the Middle Eastern loops of Muslimgauze to UK neo-rootsters Alpha and Omega to live dub specialists Systemwide. This compilation successfully brings together most of the constituent elements of what made them great. Muslimgauze is well represented from his Lo-Fi India Abuse disc. Henry and Louis are twice checked from sessions from their ambitious Jamaica UK hybrid Meet Blue and Red. As a bonus, many unreleased, rare or promo only tracks are included, each one strengthening the whole. In all, sounds from the near industrial to classical space echo to digidub are given a good workout. Pick this one up to provide some seed money for BSI’s brain trust to launch new ventures. (BSI)