Various Drummachinegun

A glimpse into the potential future of extreme music is offered up in 67 manic tracks, as lovingly compiled by members of Agoraphobic Nosebleed. Featuring acts such as Ghengis Tron, Hellz Army, Mecha Bongzilla and the aforementioned Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Drummachinegun runs the gamut from hi bpm electro grind, crazed power electronics, and gabber-esque hardcore techno. Combined with an appreciation for cartoon samples and rapid-fire edits, this is perfect listening for recent ADD diagnoses or for livening up get-togethers by inducing seizures in guests. As is the case with any album featuring such a large volume of tracks, many of which run under two minutes, it can get a bit redundant at points. Thankfully, that redundancy doesn’t run rampant and there are enough standout moments that keep this a lively affair. Drummachinegun probably won’t win over luddites or grindcore purists, but is certainly recommended for anybody into the likes of the Locust or Atom/Phantomsmasher, as well as Wolf Eyes or Venetian Snares aficionados. (Relapse)