Various Dr. Boogie Presents: Rarities From The Bob Hite Vaults

While Bob "the Bear” Hite is mostly remembered as the hirsute singer/harmonica player for Canned Heat, in many ways that band were only an extension of his passion for rhythm and blues record collecting. Known to have one of the most enviable stores of vintage 78s in the world, the collection was not surprisingly raided upon Hite’s death in 1981. This compilation salvages some of the most sought after pieces, with the emphasis on boogie-woogie from the ’40s to the mid-’50s. Although all the scratches are still present, what emerges as Rarities unfolds is a fascinating glimpse of the vital, underappreciated scene that immediately preceded the arrival of rock and roll. From little-known discoveries like Mad Mel Sebastian and Eddie Hope to more well known figures like Bill Haley, Clarence "Gatemouth” Brown and Etta James, every track is a burst of manic energy that would surely get Quentin Tarantino drooling over soundtrack possibilities. Fans of Elmore James will also be keenly interested to hear no less than six obscure tracks. Hopefully, there’s still much more of Hite’s collection left to pore over. (Sub Rosa)