Various Dr. Alex Patterson's Voyage into Paradise

A DJ mix by Orb front-man Alex Patterson, featuring lazy, soft 'n' fluffy chill out tunes to daydream to. The tracks are dubby and gently drift like an inflatable tube floating lazily along a tropical island stream. For fans of the Orb, this album may be a disappointment, since it does not have the cutting edge strangeness that is the yin to their ambient yang. The only recognisable name on the mix is the Killing Joke, from the Aunt Aubrey double-CD compilation. Notable tracks this time around are "Sons of Arga," with its lazy guitar chords and vestiges of djembe percussion hovering over the tune like incense smoke, and Easy's "D'ya dig?," which features Punjabi vocals over top of a jazzy instrumental set. Not bad chillage, but hearing Alex Patterson's name makes me long for the safeness of stepping on a lily pad, the very qualities I have come to know and love from the Orb. (Dragonfly)