Various Docking Sequence

From the West comes a driving collection of tunes showcasing the roots and branches of dub, brought to you by BSI records. The great majority of these 17 tracks are good songs as well as good sounds. Beats vary from roots rhythms to dancehall to breakbeat driven. BSI has scored an all star line-up with Muslimgauze, Twilight Circus, DJ Spooky, and Alpha and Omega. The start of the disc is rootsy, with Dub Creator's lumbering "Deep Dub," and the trance-y rockers cut "So Much Dub" by Jah Warrior. Phase Selector recalls Aswad's glory days. As the disc plays on, the mood is more up-tempo. However, the most memorable cuts are down-tempo: J. Boogie's warm "Gemini Dub" and a different mix of Twilight Circus' "Depth Charge" than his CD earlier in the year. The best tunes on BSI are the least Jamaican: Muslimgauze's Sahara Orchestra-in-dub and Badawi's intense string polyrhythms are mesmerising. (BSI)