Various Do You Want to Talk All Night? A Sappy Records Tribute to Snailhouse

One of this country’s most unheralded musicians and songwriters, Michael Feuerstack feels the love from contemporaries on this thoughtful tribute to Snailhouse. Away from the Wooden Stars, Feuerstack has gained a following for his more introspective work. It hasn’t hurt that his sharp, occasionally sardonic observational songs come from a genuinely sweet, romantic place. Just as Feuerstack’s somewhat ironic distance as a writer hasn’t precluded him from openly emotive displays, 14 artists also demonstrate how much they care about Snailhouse with both earnestness and irreverence. The tone is set wonderfully by John Tielli’s achingly pretty "Do You Want to Talk All Night?” but the plaintive mood is unsettled by Maritime, who charge up "Witches and Snowmen.” Feuerstack’s influence on old Ottawa chums like Rolf Klausener is heightened with the Acorn’s faithfully rendered "Bell,” while Rick White’s far-fetched electro-pop "Birds and Bees” is a giddy piss-take. Really though, approaching Snailhouse from all sides is where this comp gets it right. (Sappy)