Various Do You Copy?

Mitek is a Berlin based label that was set up specifically to promote Scandinavian electronic musicians. After five years and 20 releases, Do You Copy? is a double CD retrospective album with remixes and collaborations between Mitek’s roster and many of their colleagues from around the world. This collection is a solid showcase of hot minimal techno and tech-house artists from the colder countries. While the first CD is more on the experimental tip, including a loopy contribution from Canada’s Jeff Milligan that lingers in the loftier frequencies, the second disc is packed with dance floor killers. "2epto Swing Life” by Theodor 20x is an energetic micro-sample workout while "Johanneberg Cares” by Per Mikael has an elegant synth-y techno vibe. Johan Skugge’s "Foolio” is a straight-up bass driven techno stomper that’s sure to tear apart dance floors the world over. Anders Ilar’s "Between the Digits” is a click-y and sparse minimal track with ripping, buzz bass and a stunning sense of space, making it perfect for headphone listening, as is Plug’s "Brick-vak.” Apart from these few standouts, the second disc is excellent from start to finish, making it well worth tracking down a copy of Do You Copy? (Mitek)