Various - Mixed by DJ Feelgood is a relatively new collaborative series by Moonshine Music and a web site of the same name, with albums by Keoki and Micro previously released under it. Apparently, hard house is the sound that is replacing trance in the UK, and DJ Feelgood seems to be a good representative of the movement turning in that direction. He tours non-stop, headlining many of the largest festivals in the States, mixing his brand of funky disco-esque sounds. The first track is deceptive and subtle then drops into a groove with "We'll Rock Ya," by Rick Garcia, and into the funky "Effet Karma," by our own Misstress Barbara. Next up, "Tech 713," by Vic Vegas and Mr. Bristle, is reminiscent of "Soul Grabber," from the Aquarius label, and popular here in Toronto a couple of years ago. The tracks continue on an ever harder pounding trip, which is both uplifting and deep at the same time, and coming back up to a more disco-era ditty, "Do Do Wop Mix," by Paul Johnson, and "Heartbreaker," by the Disko Kidz. I did find that that journey overall was not as complete as it could have been. There wasn't enough depth and the last half of the compilation seemed to focus too much on disco-house when a harder, broader variety of sounds would have been beneficial. Overall, a feel good selection, uplifting and hard pounding. I look forward to hearing his next set. (Moonshine)