Various DJ Tiesto, Live In Amsterdam

Having seen Tiesto live, this CD mix captures the greatness and control this master of trance has. He taught himself how to mix, layer and master the art of DJing. Like any other Tiesto mix, every track is top notch and will get you moving. If you haven't experienced Tiesto live, then this CD is the next best thing and comes complete with a stage mic in use to get the crowd's screams of joy and enthusiasm. Mind you, the only thing you will miss out on is DJ Tiesto's stage presence. The man controls the decks with ease, making the most difficult transitions seem insanely easy. One of this DJ's driving forces is the fact that he has the extreme love for music and just wants to share his tracks in the most premier venues in the world to crowds of thousands. With this said, I do believe this love is shared by many. Another work of art by Tiesto, a great addition to anyone who loves trance. (Black Hole)