Various Disco Nouveau

A compilation of 14 tracks, most of them superb, which features the latest names in retro-futurist disco boogie bop. This album is seasoned with filtered vocals and generous helpings of fat, juicy synth lines rendered with an '80s sensibility, yet the complexity of the programming and elaborate melodic structures make the music undeniably contemporary. Indeed, some of the best names in contemporary electro are featured on this album, including Solvent, Lowfish, Perspects and Adult. Among the more striking tracks are Legowelt's "Disco Rout," which starts with rather generic rhythms that blossom into layers of nostalgia-inducing synth notes and vocals that could have time traveled from the break dancing era of the early '80s. Then there's Perspects' "They Keep Dancing," which melodically sounds like Speak And Spell-era Depeche Mode, with different vocals but no less melodramatic. There are perhaps two or three middle of the road tracks, like Ectomorph's "Lost Angles," which lack the drama and over-the-top decadence of someone like Lowfish, for instance. But in the context of the overall album, they're not so bad. Ultra melodic synth pop music lives on! (Ghostly)