Various Devil In the Detail

Devil In the Details, the latest compilation from Interchill Records, dives headfirst into the ever-expanding gritty glitch scene swelling along the West coast. Compiled by UK-based DJ/graphic designer Nick Edell, the album is balanced somewhere between atmospheric down-tempo and heavy, at times, nearly distorted bass and beats. Songs like "Blue” by Nalepa and "Aftermathmatics” by Flowers of Wraith offer up the album in a nutshell, but it’s truly the details on some tracks that shine through and keep the compilation afloat. "Party Reserve” by Good Buddha takes a simple, lazy beat and layers it with sleepy synth arrangements and a touch of scratching, while "The Third Nebula” by Eat Static employs a rumbling bass loop coupled with haunting samples and synths, giving it an eerie, space age feel. The track then gains speed and adds a little spice via the use of brass. While many of the tracks are less than memorable, others demand an attentive ear to capture the hidden rarities. (Interchill)