Various Deep Throat Anthology Parts 1 & 2

Discs like this are a critic's wet dream. So much fodder for the worst possible puns, coming at you fast and furious, over and over…. Unfortunately, Deep Throat the music is no match for Deep Throat the cultural event. The phenomenon of the first porn movie to plunge into the mainstream is thoroughly probed in the superb liner notes. Starting with a man-in-a-raincoat account of atypical customers suddenly invading his favourite cinema, and continuing with a typically lively interview with Ron Jeremy, Linda Lovelace’s "tingle” is untangled to its fullest extent. The music is a different story — it's simply ordinary, with a few above average cuts. This certainly isn't as compelling or even as rhythmic as LITA's reissue of Bernard Purdie's Lialeh soundtrack. Deep Throat II is, in Jeremy's words, "really professional music" done by "a legitmate musician." Now that’s strong praise. Only "La La La" and "Run Linda Run" work up a full head of steam. As for Deep Throat I, it's remastered from sketchy source material, and a couple of decent funk jams are marred by gratuitous sound effects and clumsy edits. Not enough to build up a groove on the dancefloor or in the bedroom. Still, you gotta admire LITA's spunk for giving the deluxe treatment to each and every project they take on, and this is as good as a Deep Throat reissue ever could have been, save for a bonus DVD. (Light In The Attic)