Various Covered, A Revolution In Sound: Warner Bros. Records

Ah, cover albums, they never get old, do they? There's nothing the general populous loves more than to hear bands play the song of a vastly different artist in their own particular style, always to hilarious effect. Warner pays people to find this shit out for them, and so comes this "tribute album," which is a thinly disguised WB 50th birthday cash cow. As such, the album has no underlying form, leaving folk pixie Missy Higgins sitting uncomfortably next to the punk attitude of Against Me! A few tracks that look promising, or at least comical, fail to deliver. Avenged Sevenfold do absolutely nothing with Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" and the Black Keys somehow don't do their Captain Beefheart song justice. However, there are a couple of pearls to be found. The Flaming Lips/Stardeath/White Dwarfs version of Madonna's "Borderline," in particular, is nothing short of epic. Shamefully though, it's the Used's screamo attempt at "Burning Down The House," originally by Talking Heads, that constitutes the guiltiest pleasure. Ultimately, this album is completely unnecessary and is fully let down by the haphazard selection of tracks and artists. (Warner)