Various Cover Your Tracks

It’s a pretty clever idea: have bands on a label cover the songs of other bands on said label. Deep Elm bends over and gives itself a big, sloppy emo blowjob with this concept, and it feels pretty good, for the most part. Opening with Desert City Soundtrack’s cover of the Appleseed Cast’s "Marigold and Patchwork,” the listener is immediately reminded of how insanely good both bands are. Melding the post-emo sensibility of the song with DCS’s piano-led post-hardcore fury, the track is almost better than the original. Small Arms Dealer’s interpretation of Cross My Heart’s "Today I Discovered the World” isn’t quite as mesmerising but still makes for a great listen. The rest of the disc is more hit and miss, with Lock and Key, Burns Out Bright and Free Diamonds offering the best selections. (Deep Elm)