Various Compost Black Label Series Vol. 1

Munich-based label Compost records, has released the first volume of their Black Label twelve-inch series, a recording project that began last spring. This CD compilation features tracks from the EP series one through eight, from such big-label artists as Zwicker and Tyree Cooper, yet also introduces the upcoming talent of Brahmasonic. The wide variety of instrumentation provided on these selected tracks evidences Compost’s signature mix of groovy down-tempo numbers and those that sustain a driving house beat beneath funky, wobbly bass lines. The spectrum of these styles seamlessly combines electronic and organic instruments into a refined production that still maintains a raw and guttural quality. Artist Syrup’s addition to the comp sustains a dubbed-out feel, with reverb and echo effects on the horns, while the rhythm provides a mix of live congas, hand claps and kick drums. Also of special note is Keisuke Suzuki’s contribution: a rich and relentless Latin rhythm orchestrated with chimes, maracas and drums, fattened up with a thick electro bass line. Brahmasonic’s "Kholi Number” features tablas and a sitar amidst soulful hi-hats. The album finishes off with Lopazz’s swanky lounge number with an up-right bass and piano. This compilation is a great introduction to the sounds of Compost, or an opportunity to catch up on their electro funky disco production available thus far only on vinyl. (Compost)