Various Complexity

Cold Groove Records is Toronto’s premier psychedelic trance or Goa label, headed by Black Light Activist, DJ Yeb (aka, Jeremy Reid). Yeb and co. have been at the forefront of the global psychedelic movement by organising events and bringing some of the biggest names in throbbing trance to Toronto and headlining events as far away as Montreal and beyond as DJs themselves. Yeb has been running Cold Groove Records and this, their second compilation, is an excellent example of intense and intricate hard trance from around the globe. Psychedelic trance has evolved considerably and the sounds on Complexity are more subtle than the over the top acid builds that many may associate with Goa. While the tone is deep and introspective, the style of music retains its powerful punch with ground-shaking kicks and kinetic bass lines. This is a top notch collection from a world class Toronto based label. (Cold Groove)