Various Clubbers Guide '08

Ministry of Sound’s Clubbers Guide ’08 gives us the low-down on what to expect in the clubs this year. Look for booty-shaking house and classic computer created beats; this two-disc album devotes its first disc to the former and its second to the latter. Booty Luv’s "Some Kinda Rush” is uplifting, with belt-it-out diva vocals, and "Dance” by Chanel keeps the electro of 2007 throwing down strong. Disc one also features the strong party vibes of "What I Want” by Bob Sinclar with Fireball, plus Peter Gelderblom’s electro-infused Red Hot Chili Peppers remix. The second CD rings in with trance track "Submariner” by Axwell, creating the sounds and feelings of being ocean-bound in an underwater vessel. "Hustle Up” by John Dahlback mixes acid sounds with repetitive morning trance and "Why Not?” by Alter Ego brings a blippy funk jam interspersed with handclaps and bomb blasts. But by track five of disc two, most of the hard-hitting tracks have been heard and the CD sinks into a boring lull verging on background noise (Dirty South’s "Minority”). Luckily the vibe funks out again towards the end of the CD with Claude Von Stroke’s "The Whistler.” (Ministry of Sound/Fusion III)