Various Chronologi 12K: Year.1-Year.4

The Instinct label has brought us superb ambient and electronic sounds in the past from the likes of Terre Thaemlitz, Tetsu Inoue, Savvas Ysatis and, of course, Taylor Deupree. This double CD compilation showcases more material by Deupree (808 State, Human Mesh Dance, Prototype 909), including a collaborative piece with Inoue. The sounds and sound quality on this album are scalpel sharp and as clean as an operating room. The music is eerily cold and symmetrical, mathematical as a series of complex algebraic patterns. Among the mysteriously beautiful soundscapes and deeply algorithmic sonic patterns are works by lesser known and hopefully emerging artists such as O, Shuttle358, Kim Cascone, 0/R and Komet. The material of O is an ear-popper working on a sub-particle level; shuttle 358 is sublime ambience suggestive of subzero rooms and moon flowers, while the work of 0/R resonates digital ghost noises punctuated with dead static and Komet has the charm of a continuously revolving computer generated three-dimensional shape. Chronolgi... also contains two videos, which features rigorous techno and sombre ambience by Shuttle358 and Deupree, respectively. The images are of urban infrastructures, highways and airports juxtaposed with written text. Instinct came through with yet another superb collection of electronic patterns and ambient soundscapes. (Instinct)