Various Choo Choo Records Volume 01 Mixed By Anthony Papa

A collection of Choo Choo pieces is sewn together with such finesse that it is rendered seamless. Australia's Anthony Pappa, a monthly resident at Twilo in New York, picked and mixed this phenomenal collage of the label's finest. Heavy beats with waves of melodies, each track intertwines with the next to create a fluid, coursing progression of tripped out dancing bliss. The first tracks released by Choo Choo were Mara's "Always" and "Orinoco," both lauded and supported by Sasha and Digweed. "Always" is featured in the middle of this CD, and two more Mara tracks both begin and end the set. Also featured on this compilation are Andy Jarrod and Pappa & Gilbey. From beginning to end it is a hard hitting testament to the progressive genre. (Topaz)