Various Chill Out 04 / The Ultimate Chill Out

Chill Out 04 / The Ultimate Chill Out is a collection of easy listening electro-audio mellowness by Nettwerk Records. Couched in a Brit-pop sensibility, Chill Out 04’s post-party tracks are exclusive mixes selected from mostly well-known British or U.S. artists. Chill Out 04 features a bootleg Radiohead track, "Everything In It’s Right Place,” a Paul Daley remix of Massive Attack’s "Butterfly Caught” and a Chemical Brothers track, "One Too Many Mornings.” Solarstone’s dreamy and chilled out remix of "Centre of The Sun” by Conjure One is a highlight as is the melodically spacious "At The End (Sat & Lee Howler Reprise).” Only the closing tracks, The Streets’ "Weak Become Heroes (Royksopps Memory Lane Mix)” and the twisted broken beats of Björk’s "It’s In Our Hand (Arcade Mix),” quicken Chill 04’s pulse at the end. (Nettwerk)