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Trevor Jackson’s back with another showcase compilation for his taste-making label Output. Again, this fourth instalment is filled to the brim with dead-cool acts pushing some of the most forward-thinking dance music going. Jackson’s always had an ear for what’s different and it sounds like he hasn’t lost his touch with the new acts featured. Situated in the middle, his three newest signings gel smoothly, which always seems to be the case with Output’s talented roster. George Demure’s "New Confrontation” pushes the tapped-out ’80s dance club thud into a new realm without any pretension or amateurism. Loneshark as well jump back into the sound of two decades ago with something much more blatant, but there’s enough electro attitude to justify it as guilt-ridden fun. Kreeps, on the other hand, take a completely different approach using a live crowd recording to fuel their bonfire of thick bass lines, chirping flute and relentlessly grinding beats. A cover of Prince’s "Girls and Boys” is tackled by Pankow with completely bizarre abandon, while Krautrock hugger Colder gives a tasty non-album cut that contains all of his winning attributes. Jackson even pops up to remix Dead Combo’s "You Don’t Look So Good,” a devious cut that begins innocently with a harpsichord and goes all haywire a minute in. Another fine outing for a label that continues to push the envelope while maintaining its status as one of the coolest operating. (Output)