Various Causes 1: A Compilation to Benefit Doctors without Borders, Human Rights Watch, and Oxfam America

Causes 1, a compilation put together in response to the devastating on-going Darfur crisis, features an ambitious line-up of talent. If the rare Julian Cope cover Death Cab for Cutie do of "World Shut Your Mouth” isn’t enough to put a huge smile on your face than Bright Eyes’ visceral live recording of "Coat Check Dream Song” is sure to wrap you in the type of ethereal emotions that leave you half grinning/half crying. All these rarities and live versions can be a bit much to take in all at once, as each is just as beautiful as the next. When a live version of Animal Collective’s "Safer” gives way to the stunning "exclusive chulahoma session” of "Stay All Night” by the Black Keys, and then pummels on towards Bloc Party’s never before heard track "Rhododendrons,” you’ll be blown away. And if the CD were to end after three songs things would be fine, but it doesn’t. The Shins remix of "Turn Me On” is subtle but charming and the sounds of the Cure playing "The Walk” to a hyped up audience are raw and fun. I can’t possibly go over all the highlights; I could mention the low points but there really aren’t any. Even Travis’s kind of boring John Lennon cover doesn’t detract from this mind-blowing package of songs. All of the proceeds go to the cause, so you can do no wrong picking up this album. (Waxploitation)