Various Carry the Torch: A Tribute To Kid Dynamite

There don't seem to be a lot of passive KD fans. Just fanatical dudes who worship at the altar of all things Yemin. This is because Kid Dynamite rules. At 39 songs, this tribute record is further proof of the band's lasting, far-reaching legacy in the realm of punk and hardcore, capturing everyone from pop-punks Broadway Calls, to metal Canucks To The Lions paying their dues to the Philly foursome. The results are unsurprisingly mixed (it is a 39 song tribute record, after all), but when shit rules, shit rules. Like when First To Leave offer one of the more unique interpretations with their understated version of "S.O.S.," and Torchbearer construct a brutally heavy new take on "The Penske File." If you like Kid Dynamite, you're probably already stoked and have this on pre-order. Good. It's worth it. (Square Up)