Various Café Méliés Vol.1

Unfortunately, Montreal has jumped on the bandwagon of albums inspired by restaurants, bars and lounges. Competing with the already heavily saturated market of Café del Mar, Hotel Costes, Buddha Bar and Chillout this ‘n’ that, Montreal DJ Stephane Cocke has chosen 13 down-tempo tracks that provide musical fodder for patrons of Café Méliés, located on trendy St. Lawrence Boulevard. Artists featured on this compilation include Miguel Graca, Jean Leloup, Bet.E & Stef, Ramasutra and Mossman vs. Mr. Tsunami, who thankfully provide a welcomed respite with their dub reggae track "Moon Blues.” Other noteworthy tracks come from Adam Chaki and Fred Everything who prove that music that is deemed appropriate for a dining experience doesn’t have to mean boring. (Jajou)