Various Bulb Singles #1

For their tenth anniversary, the Bulb label has pressed a strict limited edition of the first eight seven-inch vinyl singles (released during their first two years in existence) onto one CD. And for those who are into all things fucked up, that being stuff that was even too daring for Ween, too heroin-riddled for Velvet Underground, too chaotic for Zappa and too experimental for laboratories for mind altering substances, then this is the ultimate essential compact disc. Arists such as Couch, Bullet in the Head, Cornelius Gomez, Prehensile Monkeytailed Skink and the Monarchs are all on this disc, and they all present the best in being nonsensically sensible. Punk to the bone, one artist might present an audio collage of WW II warplane dogfight sounds, while one might put a microphone to a furnace and scream along to it, to safer bubblegum (used, off the ground though) punk rock. Too far beyond normality for words. (Bulb)