Various Breakfluid

If EMI had really wanted to represent Halifax hip-hop properly with their 44N/63E compilation they would have had Halifax's hip-hop godfather Witchdoc Jorun produce the album instead of enlisting Toronto's 2Rude. The results would probably have resembled the formidable Breakfluid compilation, the fifth in Jorun's compilation series begun with Haltown Meltdown. Walking the fine line that separates Halifax's street savvy and/or commercial element from the abstract artists, Jorun has been integral in helping give many a Haltown artist a start, including Hip Club Groove, Stinkin' Rich (aka Buck 65), Sixtoo, Classified, and Universal Soul. With Breakfluid, Jorun has done something that hasn't happened since the Bassments of Bad Men in '96 - he has brought together the competing camps of Halifax hip-hop on one record. Along with Buck 65, Sixtoo and 6AM, Jo gives "The Moving Finger" to those who would try and divide the scene, creating one hell of a posse cut. Jorun's newest proteges, the Vetcru, drop the explosive "Detonation," and join with Jorun and the Ground Squad for the overpowering posse cut "Skin Abrasions." Other impressive tracks include the title track from Kunga 219, along with the Fiz and Jorun collaboration "Bad Moon Rising." While the rest of the tracks are not as important, they are far from album filler, with the possible exception of the drum & bass tracks from Jorun alter ego Forest Dank, which break the flow, and "Juno Massacre" from the Ground Squad and Jorun. Otherwise, a good return to form for Jorun (the beat and beet digger) and his compilation series. (Journ)