Various Boston Drops the Gloves: A Tribute to Slapshot

Well it had to happen. In the day of old is new and paying tribute to our elders, a Slapshot cover album was inevitable. The Boston band fronted by Choke was classic example of no-holds-barred, in-your-face goon punk. They could almost single-handedly be thanked for the militant straightedge attitude that prevails in the U.S. today. But they did rock. Most of the 20 bands on this opt for the “let’s sound like the original” style of covering while a few exceptions put their own stamp on the tunes, particularly the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Molly Maguiresv and Anal Cunt. Other bands on here include Dropkick Murphys, Ten Yard Fight, Blood For Blood and more. (TKO)