Various Bonafied: A Hip-Bone Compilation

An uplifting compilation of soulful house with an abundance of wailing vocals to open up your heart and let the sun shine in. For those who dig tracks by YMC, ADNY and the Persuader, and Vincenzo, you'll dig what's on this comp. N'Dshea's "City got Soul" is a bright Sunday afternoon house music kind of tune. "Lights," by Open Door, is jazzy with a unique and percussive accent. Glenn Turner has produced some fine tracks on this comp, including "A Journey," which has a spicy salsa-esque feel, and "A Power," which has a deep, pounding 4/4 throb that props up the gospel-like vocals. Bonafied is all around good music to let play on a long ride out of the city or blast at a happening house party. (Nuff)