Various Bombay 2: Electric Vindaloo

A good dose of hip-hop and electronic beats meet the soundtracks of Kalyanji and Anandji's "brownsploitation" with the follow-up to Bombay Tha Hard Way: Guns, Cars and Sitars. With the previous release, mastermind producer Dan the Automator took the helm and with help from DJ Shadow produced more of a homage to these soundtracks than a remix. This time around the tracks have been sliced, diced and downright pulverised, but with some rather stunning results. The more exceptional tracks tend to come from the more hip-hop based DJs such as Mix Master Mike, Dynomite D, Steinski and Kid Koala who manipulate the original cuts with their amazing cutting techniques and create the compilations crown jewels. Even with a slew of tasty producers such as these, there was something more rewarding with Dan the Automator's original. It could possibly be because the initial concept of Bombay was covered so well in the first dose of Indian beats that there was really no sense in trying to recapture or topping it. Still the talent is present and they accomplish their duties with great success to give another tip-of-the-hat to the Bollywood explosion. (Motel)