Various A Blow To The State

As the label that released J-Live’s All Of The Above album last year, Coup D’Etat gets points off the bat. While J-Live does appear on this album contributing two tracks from that album on this label compilation, his presence is ironic since he’s already left the label. By adding some proven veterans like Rasco and Boston’s Akrobatik among others, the label has evidently been working on plugging the hole in their roster. Rasco particularly impresses on "We Get Live” a straight-up banger brewed by Seattle’s up and coming producer Jake One. Akrobatik’s "Strictly For The DJs” cleverly bigs up vinyl manipulators everywhere and newcomers Soul Purpose impress on the craving "Dry Spells.” While producers like Fakts One also come off favourably, MC Paul Barman is downright annoying with his nerdy forced attempts to prove he’s smarter than the listener when he should be focusing on basic mic skills. (Coup D-Etat)