Various Bip-Hop Generation

If you're going to listen to this compilation you better have little or no background sound, as the tracks are susceptible to noise cancellation. Bip-Hop Generation is a better than average electric and click-pop album, its structures are at times as fragile as a spider's web, which is part of its beauty. This compilation is also unique in that the artists have more than one track, some as many as four, which gives the listener a better indication of breadth. Bernhard Fleischmann and Arovane's pieces are phenomenal, as nerve-wrackingly delicate as a house of cards. Laurent Pernice's pieces are the most stable and muscular, with three tracks that range from deep bass throbs to avant improv keyboard loops to kinetic electro. Wang Inc.'s "Homemade Loop V1 & V2" are trippy bits of mind messing, but just too short! Bip-Hop Generation is the album for the armchair listener, just make sure your background noise is minimal. (Bip-hop)