Various Bastards Will Pay: Tribute to Trouble

It was only a matter or time before a decent tribute to Trouble. As one of the only acts keeping the slow and heavy vibe together during the '80s, Trouble laid the groundwork for much of what is popular in the current doom and stoner rock scene. Their influence is undeniable, and this 13-song tribute acts as a very nice compliment to the band. Most of the bands on the tribute are of European descent, the only exceptions being This Tortured Soul (who has Eric Wagner sing for them on their cover of "The Tempter") and Japan's Church of Misery, "Come Touch The Sky," but all of them do excellent jobs with the songs. There is not one bad cover to be found. On a personal level, my favourites were Terra Firma's version of "At The End of My Daze" (which I like more than the original), the much missed Naevus' take on "RIP" and Misdmeanor's version of "Bastards will Pay." While I was not sure how I would like a female handling the vocals to a Trouble song (Misdemeanor is an all-female band for those of you who don't know), but Vera's vocal take was great. All in all, this is indeed a great tribute to one of the best doom metal bands ever, and while it may be a little hard to find it is definitely worth it. (Freedoom)